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Full-color text book designed to introduce students to aviation and space history, principles of flight and navigation, technology, military and civil aircraft, aerospace careers, meteorology and its impact on aviation, rocketry, and outer space and space travel.


From the publisher: Amusement park rides push and pull your body in all directions. They can spin you in circles, turn you upside down, and even make you feel weightless. Learn the role science plays behind rides such as bumper cars, carousels, roller coasters, and more.


From leaping flying fish to dancing butterflies and camels that "trollop along," Eric Carle's brilliant and colorful collage designs bring to life animal poems from such diverse sources as Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, and Jack Prelutsky, as well as Bible verses, Japanese haiku, American Indian poems, and more. This celebration of the wonder and variety of Earth's animals is "joyous . . . a book to be shared."


From the publisher: This comprehensive text introduces students to the aquaculture industry. It covers every aspect of aquaculture, including history, potential, descriptions, management, feeding, marketing, and diseases of aquatic animals and plants. Also addressed are the water requirements and chemistry necessary for successful aquaculture. The book offers detailed information on employment opportunities in the aquaculture industry. The science of aquaculture is stressed throughout to ensure that students understand the fundamental principles. The text includes numerous pedagogical features to ensure students' success.


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From the publisher: Assuming little prior knowledge, this book takes the reader on a guided tour around a studio or location production, examining the production process from conceptualization to the final screening. It features:

  • the latest advances in low cost non-linear editing and digital video
  • coverage of studio and location work
  • descriptions of the role of each crew member
  • full explanations of technical terms
  • health and safety precautions
  • practical advice on the equipment available and how to use it
Basics of Video Production aims to provide the reader with a rapid understanding of what is actually a complex process, without getting too bogged down in technical terms. It is equipment non-specific and references to technical matters are only included where necessary to understanding. Much of what is contained in this book will be directly transferable to film and sound courses as the basics and principles are the same.


From the publisher: The Best Book of Bugs looks at the life cycles, habitats, and amazing diversity of insects and spiders in stunning close-up detail. This book has everything a young etymologist would ever want to know.


No information available from publisher.


Learn how the body's systems and components work together to play sports. Illustrated. Includes glossary and index.


The book that inspired several educational programs to start remote-operated vehicle programs is back with a new edition! It now includes how to waterproof a camera for an underwater robot, adding a hydraulic gripper, the history of subsea exploration and its vehicles, a guide for your own underwater science fair projects, helpful tips, and much more.

These clear plans and illustrations for a variety of projects will help you infuse the classroom with the fun and learning of underwater exploration!


Life skills such as time management, money, child care, and cooking are discussed.


Building Up! shows how tall buildings are constructed, what goes on inside them, and who works there. Includes facts about some of the world's tallest and greatest buildings in places such as New York City and Hong Kong.


Students learn the functions performed by cells in plant and animal life.


From the publisher: In this book, students read about the discovery of cells; they compare cells from plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria; they explore the interior of a cell including DNA; and they are introduced to genetics, reproduction, and cell division.


From the publisher: Get elementary and middle school students dreaming about the exciting world of work with this informative and entertaining book. Children's Dictionary of Occupations is filled with hundreds of job descriptions, illustrations, and individual and group activities that will ignite their interest and fuel their desire to find a career path that appeals to their likes and strengths.

Written in age-appropriate language, the CDO is based on the widely recognized Occupational Outlook Handbook so job titles are indexed by Career Cluster as well as alphabetically. That lets young learners identify related jobs in the same area as they zero in on the title that fits them best. The book also includes a section called Getting a Job to introduce students to the concept of career exploration and help them prepare to find their first job.

It's never too early for kids to consider their occupational options and the Children's Dictionary of Occupations is an excellent way to get them started! Correlates to National Career Development Standards.