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These balloons can be used with the Fold-N-Roll cars to turn them into balloon-powered vehicles!


Contains nine screwdrivers (three Phillips, six regular), one needlepoint, and one magnet in a plastic box. These tools are handy for building remote-controlled cars, planes, and Erector sets or for repairing items such as glasses and timepieces. Case measures

5" x 1-1/4" x 3"
5" x 1-1/4" x 3"
5" x 1-1/4" x 3".


This brushed aluminum ruler features inches divided to 1/16" on one side and metric measurements on the other. Metric conversion tables are printed on the back for length, area, volume, and mass.


Round, clear, wide-mouth plastic jar comes with a white, 63 mm screw-on cap. Diameter: 2-3/4" Height: 5-7/8"


Two-ounce plastic bottle can be used as a seed dispenser when paired with one of the caps shown below.


Safer than standard measuring tapes, the Wind-Up Tape Measure features a sturdy case that rewinds a vinyl tape with a manual rewinder – no spring recoil or metal tape that cuts. Plus, a flexible handle on one side makes it easy to hold. Measures 30 meters (100 feet).


This adjustable screwdriver features two capped ends – an end with a Phillips head and an end with a flat head. Plus, each end features a small and extra-small size – just pull out each end and flip it around to the other style of head. Great for small projects and electronics. Features a clip to help keep it in your pocket so you don’t lose this handy tool!


Great for homemade launch systems.


This lightweight 7-1/2" compass with quick-action movement is an excellent school value! Comes complete with a tube of compass lead. Draws circles up to 15" in diameter without an extension beam! Guaranteed for three full years under normal use.


These durable plastic holders come in either a one, two, three, or four AA-battery holder.

If you use the one-battery holder, the output will be 1.5 volts. If you use the two-battery holder, the output will be 3 volts. The three-battery holder puts out 4.5 volts and the four-battery holder output will be 6 volts. If necessary, these can be used on a cloudy day to test your Junior Solar Sprint cars. Just hook up the batteries and test your solar vehicle without the Sun!

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For small robots, electric cars, and other motorized projects, our Battery Holders will come in handy. Holding either two, three, or four AA batteries, they have their own switches, so the motorized object doesn’t need one. And, they come with leads and a removable cover.

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Replacement roll of adding machine tape measures 3" wide by 163' long.


An add-on created to attach to a 20-inch box fan, the Air Control Funnel turns an ordinary box fan into a concentrated laminar airflow source for testing airfoils and the aerodynamics of other geometric solid objects. Students use cardboard and cool-melt glue to construct a grid and funnel that easily attaches to the average box fan. Included are cardboard for construction and an elastic cord and elastic cord lock for attaching the funnel to a box fan. The Air Control Funnel is great to use with the Wing Build Kit and Wing Test Stand.


Sometimes, an ordinary box fan isn’t enough to efficiently test wind turbines. The airflow created by a fan isn’t always consistent. The Air Stream helps alleviate that problem. An add-on created to attach to a 20-inch box fan, the Air Stream converts an ordinary box fan into a large laminar airflow source for use with wind turbines and other large structures. With cardboard and cool-melt glue, students can easily create a 20-inch grid that attaches to the average box fan. Included are cardboard for construction and an elastic cord and elastic cord lock for attaching to a box fan. The Air Stream is great to use with the Wind Turbine Experimenter’s Kit, WinDynamo III, and more.


Cut your dragster’s axle weight in half by using aluminum instead of steel! Buy these 1/8" diameter axles precut, or cut your own from our three-foot lengths. Use the Precision Metal Saw to cut axles to desired lengths.

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